Integral-T proudly represents GRAFIS, the New Generation in Pattern Making, Grading and Made to Measure Apparel software and  with new co-operation partner Browzwear – V-Stitcher 3D  product visualisation and design tools.  We love the help it gives us with proto fit and design visual tools for efficient product development saving time and resources.  From first fit,  more often than not,  we are able to go straight to approval!
Grafis V11.2  is pattern making software at the highest level. This is a German CAD program written by apparel pattern engineers. Ideal for pattern makers working in small businesses and large, and for educators working at novice level all the way through to Bachelor and Masters levels.

Grafis is CAD software that starts with the body. It comes loaded with detailed body measurement charts that you can reference when you draft your patterns.  Grafis works with the construction principle allowing for rapid iterations in various sizes and design variations.
Grafis uses body measurements (either standard or an individual’s measurements from your made-to-measure business) to create interactive basic blocks for bodices, trousers, skirts, sleeves, swimwear and more.

This means that the system can grade your patterns instantaneously! Grafis’ extensive library of basic blocks can help speed up your garment development process without sacrificing the fit of the product. These basic blocks are interactive and intelligent, so that changes made to a style flow through to all the pattern pieces. Grafis makes pattern making and grading concurrent; with the construction principle (based on measurement charts), the construction record, and the hereditary link between all patterns pieces.

The layout of the measurement chart depends on the pattern construction system. In addition to the construction systems supplied by Grafis, you can integrate your company’s own construction (pattern drafting) systems. Established companies as well as smaller ones have used this option for specialist products such as dance-wear, dolls, lingerie, hats and more.

Grafis offers an immediate benefit to local businesses: a dramatic reduction of grading costs, to almost zero – whether you are transitioning to digital pattern making (or even if you have already made the switch).

Grafis can work equally with digitised or scanned pattern files, using incremental grade rules and digital marker making in the conventional CAD ways. In this Grafis seeks to be accessible to all, and is priced accordingly.

For more information contact us, or go to to see more of what the Grafis system has to offer.