We proudly represent Alvanon, the Global Leader in Size and Fit Solutions for Apparel.


Alvanon develop fit mannequins from body measurement data, scans and statistics which means we can offer you body types and shapes which are not only correct but also country or region specific.


The AlvaInsight division offers a full consultation service to confirm your country specific fit within a global perspective.  We offer a local consulting service to help you choose an AlvaStandard body form suitable for the local market.


In the studio we have on display a range of men’s, women’s and children’s full body forms in various sizes for purchase or hire.

Alvanon make AlvaForm fit mannequins with quality methods and materials. The body forms have many valuable features that make Alvanon the Industry leaders.

Half-scale AlvaForm

Perfect for schools, students and patternmakers, the Half-scale AlvaForm allows anyone to accurately create patterns in a smaller scale. Save space and money by working in half-scale with the confidence that your patterns will scale up perfectly to fit the full scale AlvaForms of corresponding size. The portable size and lower price makes it a fantastic alternative to full-scale AlvaForms or 3D visualisation tools.


Key Features:

  • Accurate measurement lines
  • Memory foam body for easy pinning
  • Portable hanging stand
  • Realistic body shape and posture with legs cut at mid-thigh

Virtual AlvaForm

Virtual AlvaForms are the perfect solution for companies looking to ensure consistent fit and sizing throughout the development, production and quality control processes.


Garments can be developed, tested and manipulated in 3D and shared across the supply chain before producing physical samples.


Using the Virtual AlvaForm in conjunction with VStitcher allows for realistic visualisation of the physical properties of chosen fabrics. Virtual Alvaforms will enhance your production processes.