Integral-t and Architects in Apparel is the result of a life, working with many great brands, on the technical design, pattern making, grading and garment construction, side of the clothing industry.

Commencing in Australia later in USA, a return, and many trips to Asia, umpteen years of living the journey, to where we are today. We offer our services to our excellent clients.

We are professional patternmakers, offering our services to those who appreciate accurate patterns, based on  tradditional, innovative methods.

We believe in consistently good garment fit,construction and visualisation. We have sample and manufacturing collaborations with Colliers Pty Ltd and CanonFashions.

We are digital patternmakers and graders, using the best tech tools in CAD for Apparel, & 3D for Design and Sample visualization, offering accuracy and  efficiency.

Our blocks follow a European construction system for accurate fit.  We apply best practice in our work. We are equipped to make all categories of clothing and sizes, from children to extended sizes.

We offer our services in urban Brunswick, within a shared space at Collier Clothing.  Onsite manufacturiner of cut and sew products.  They have delivered Australian Made clothing to customers for the past 25 years.

Our clients benefit from the One Stop Shop