Architects in Apparel

Integral-T represents GRAFIS, Alvanon and Browzwear.

Architects in Apparel is a pattern making and consulting service specialising in these tools.

We are a unique apparel product development studio based in Melbourne, providing pattern making, grading and marker making services.

We know the TCF industry in Australia and our region is changing, and we’re excited about working at the leading edge. We understand size and fit technology and can offer you access to state of the art tools, to grow both your business and our industry.

Our CAD system of choice is Grafis , the new generation in apparel pattern engineering. It offers the latest in size and fit technology for pattern makers, along with an in-built pattern library of interactive constructions and much more besides. We represent Grafis in Australia and can offer training packages, but we also use the system ourselves for pattern and product development.

We also represent Alvanon, the global leader in standard and customised body forms. We have an extensive range and can help you to select the correct body form for your target market. These are high quality forms based on real population data.

Get in touch to see how our technology and understanding can help you to develop top quality fashion products that fit!